Sunday, April 27, 2014

My God, its full of Stars!

Today I watched Peter Hyams' treatment of Arthur C Clarke's 2010: Odyssey Two. I had forgotten how much I love that film. Its got a little bit of everything. Syd Mead designing all the futuristic elements. The comedic styleings of John Lithgow and Elya Baskin (the film's symbol of Detente), sexy Russian Pop Star Natasha Shneider, Super Sexy Helen Mirren, Douglas Rain as Hal 9000 and the apearantly ageless Keir Dullea back again as David Bowman.
Sure, its not Kubrick's film, but its still damned good. I love Space Opera and many other kinds of Science Fictional stories, but the ones I love the most are the ones that COULD actually happen. I really like the kinds of stuff with no phazers, no trans light speed or time travel with realistic kinds of characters and situations. Such is the case for this film. Sure, it has some of the Star Child stuff in it, but it is not nearly as strange as Kubrick's film (which I also love!).
At the time the book was written and then the film was made we were in the middle of the Cold War, something that not many of the kids today understand, so this film might be a bit alien to them, if you pardon the pun. This political climate plays a huge role in the unfolding of the story and its subsequent resolution.
If you have not seen it, I certainly exhort you to do so. If it has been a while, or you have not seen the first film, 2001 a Space Odyssey, you should see that one first...

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  1. The film was exceptionally high brow without being boring or becoming too self-important.The screenwriter and director were nearly perfect in executing a fine sequel to a fine movie.